Internet Identity

On the net, we are defined by what we share.  This sharing tends to need a little maintenance in terms of keeping your presence up and running and providing a little fresh meat from time to time.  My identity was looking a bit shabby – sort of the way I look when I’ve omitted shaving for a little too long.  Beards with me are an act of omission rather than commission!

So, I’ve been giving things a bit of trim.  I started by restoring the URL for this blog.  I know blogs seem downright old school now and there are cooler blogging platforms on the block but I still think there’s a lot of meaningful stuff on this blog.  And I’ve got a few new things I want to ramble about.  And I still like the ‘long form’ blog better than the quick hits of things like twitter.

I also restored my photography site:  It’s long overdue for a renovation but I still enjoy looking at the photographs on it.  You might too.

I’ve been tweeting a bit too: predictabuy.  I have a Facebook presence as well – but I mostly view that as family and friends – with the exception that quite a few photographers are friends on Facebook – but a fair number of them are friends in the true sense as well.

Lately, I’ve also opened up an account on Google+:   I am a gray haired geek after all – and that does seem to be the dominant demographic at the moment.  I think it will likely have some legs.  The presence is pretty low key and easy to maintain.

That’s enough for me.  More than enough actually.  One thing that is both interesting and scary is that these identities are certainly becoming very personally identifiable.  That’s quite an explicit goal of all these social services – and understandably so from the point of view of the ‘utility’ of the service I suppose.

But it does feel like the virtual world keeps shrinking and become denser.  I hope it doesn’t all disappear in to a black hole!


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