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iPhone: a great companion at home too

There is general agreement that 2009 was (finally!) the year of mobile.  And there are many predictions about how important location awareness is going to be in 2010.  Agree with all that and share in the excitement.

But the thing that surprises me about my iPhone is that it has become a great in-home companion for me.  It’s pretty much always by my side or in my pocket.  Here’s some of the things I do with it at home:

  1. It has replaced my watch, my alarm clock and my kitchen timer.  It’s easier to use for all these functions.  It automatically remembers to change time zones when I go from Edmonton to Vancouver.
  2. I use it as a remote to control my Macbook connected to our TV to watch programs I’ve downloaded from iTunes.
  3. I use i.TV to look at TV listings.  I look up the sad statistics on the Edmonton Oilers.  I still check to see when their next game is despite the apparent futility of it all.
  4. I check in on Twitter and Google Reader while having my morning coffee.
  5. I bought my wife a Kindle for Christmas.  This lead to me downloading the iPhone Kindle app.  Now I read books on it too – surprisingly good at this.
  6. I use Skype to make phone calls.  I can wander around the house and make a cup of coffee while on a call.  This is the way Skype was meant to be deployed  (And not to worry – I refrain from using the washroom.)
  7. I get directions to a place before I go out to it.
  8. I look stuff up.  Often.  Weather.  Stock prices.  What something is.  Where some place is.
  9. I listen to music on it (through one of those sound system docks) – most often with
  10. I send and receive email; update or check my schedule; see what’s happening on Facebook.

Let me know in the comments what else you do with your smart phone at home?  I know my son plays games on his while at home.  I do that sometimes as well – but to be honest it’s not a primary use case for me.

I’m thinking there is a lot of ‘untapped’ potential in the smart phone as an ‘in-home companion’.

Welcome to 2010.


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