WANTED: Hyper-local advertisers for Myspace HyperTargeting

Following the fun at OMMA Mobile by Twitter. This is interesting:

MySpace’s Brandon Lucas said the company is trying to figure out how to extend its HyperTargeting program to the mobile space. That service allows advertisers to target messages very narrowly. Lucas, a beach volleyball player, for instance, says he gets ads for beach volleyball lessons on MySpace. Extending that program to mobile would make sense so users might see relevant ads to act on when they’re out and about. So the next time your playing beach volleyball, you can get a lesson on the spot!

from Mediapost RAW.

HyperTargeting transforms the MySpace audience of 70 million in to millions of audiences with thousands of people. The challenge then becomes how do you reach those millions of hyper-local advertisers who can really realize the benefit?

If a golf instructor in Edmonton (yeah, it’s just BARELY spring here) knew he could target golfer’s in his end of the city he might just do it. But who is going to tell him?

From the MyAds page:


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