Google wants to know everything you do

In a recent post, Perry Evans comments on Google’s new Profile feature:

As quoted in RWW, Google’s Joe Kraus responsed on this bigger picture issue, attempting to dispel the notion of a bigger agenda.

“Google doesn’t do a lot of forward looking things; we serve our users’ needs and then we iterate.”

Gimme a break, Joe, this kind of BS really backfires. Own up to the treasure trove you’re building, and be transparent about how you intend to use it. Anything less just adds to the growing pile of reasons for consumers to begin fearing the brand as an opaque, too-powerful monolith.

In fact, just about everything Google does can be seen in terms of how it allows them to learn more about you – to serve you better – and earn more from the advertising you click on when using their services!

Some people seemed to think Google Voice – their evolution of Grand Central’s personal number service – is somehow a bit of a strange departure for Google. In fact, it’s a great way for them to get inside another valuable data stream about you – the people you talk to on your telephone. Android is another way of getting at this data stream (among others of course).

Mobile carriers, who already have the data Google wants, aren’t doing anything with it. Yet, to Google it is so valuable they were willing to buy a company, completely re-write its software and then give it away for free. Just to get access to this data stream.


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